Lions District 201Q3

Queensland Australia

Marketing and Publicity

* Denotes Non Cabinet Position 

Marketing & Publicity Team Leader: IPDG Rodd Chignell


LCIF, International Understanding & Twinning: PDG Bob Goldsworthy (Toowoomba Wilsonton Inc.) - Email


Chairman Cakes and Lions Mints: Steve Watchman (Albany Creek Inc.) - Email


Public Relations and Promotions: IPDG Rodd Chignell (Golden Valley Keperra Inc.) - Email


* District Newsletter: PDG Beverley Bates (Toowoomba City Inc.) - Email


Australian Lions Foundation (ALF): Peter Boge (Pine Rivers Inc.) - Email


District Centennial Co-Ordinator: IPDG Rodd Chignell (Golden Valley Keperra Inc.) - Email


IT Communications and Webmaster: Graham Foote (Brisbane Oxley-Sherwood Inc.) - Email


* Social Media: Richard Williams (Brisbane Inner North Inc.) - Email


District Convention 2018 (Committee Chair): Aileen Knowles (Roma Inc.) - Email


* District Historian and Records: Bob McGreevy (Ipswich Inc.) - Email


* Grant Application Liaison: Peter Boge (Pine Rivers Inc.) - Email