Lions District 201Q3

Queensland Australia



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Legal and General

  Q3 Club Constitution Oct 2007 (pdf 173 KB)

  District 201 Q3 Constitution Oct 2016 Fair Trading

  Club Excellence Process (pdf 114 KB)

  Club Policy Minutes - Template (doc 127 KB)

  District Policy Minutes - 2017-2018

  Lions Information Booklet (doc 89 KB)

  Safety Manual 2016-17

Club Officer Manuals

  Lioness (pdf 2 MB)

  Membership (pdf 1.36 MB)

  President (pdf 1.08 MB)

  Secretary (pdf 793 KB)

  Treasurer (pdf 1.26 MB)

Cabinet Manuals

  Cabinet Officer Manual (pdf 1.67 MB)

  Zone Chairman Manual (pdf 940 KB)

Additional Resources

 Organisational Meeting

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 Membership Experience

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 New Club Development

GLT article - 10 Ideas reduce_Conflict_jan.pdf

Managing Conflict


If you need assistance now, please see

MD 201 Code Of Conduct For Lions Members

Club Grievance Procedure

or speak with your Club President or Zone Chair