Lions District 201Q3

Queensland Australia

Diabetes Awareness

District Chair: Glendell Appleford - Email

Raising Diabetes Awareness, Preserving Sight

The International Diabetes Federation estimates that 371 million people worldwide have diabetes, a global epidemic that is expected to affect 552 million by 2030.

Diabetes and Sight Loss

People with diabetes are at risk of losing sight due to diabetic retinopathy. It is the leading cause of vision loss in adults of working age (20 to 65 years) in industrialized countries. 74% of people who have diabetes for 10 years or more will develop some form of diabetic retinopathy. All people with diabetes-both Type 1 and Type 2--are at risk. That's why everyone with diabetes should get a comprehensive dilated eye exam at least once a year.

Lions and Diabetes Awareness

With these statistics and concerns in mind, Lions can get involved with the Diabetes Awareness and Action Program. Our work supports diabetes awareness, education, control, prevention and research.

(From Lions Clubs International Website)