Lions District 201Q3

Queensland Australia

bushfire drought disaster & emergency relief

District Chair:  Graeme Emery    email

Lions Clubs work together to support emergencies and natural disasters in Australia and overseas.

We welcome your interest and invite you to consider supporting the work of our Australian Lions Foundation (ALF) or our other activities. You could donate, take part in an activity, or contact us about joining a local Lions Club. An extra pair of hands helps us continue and grow our work and raise funds for emergency assistance.

To keep up to date with news about how Lions are responding to assist in Emergencies or Disasters, visit our Emergency News page

Since our Lions National Bushfire Appeal was established nearly 3 months ago, Australian Lions Foundation as at 27/1/2020 has received over $1.385m from the public, businesses and Lions in Australia & overseas. Over $675,000 has been distributed to affected communities. Our newest bushfire initiative is funding replacement water tanks - fully supplied & installed plus topped up for @ $3,000. Would you consider chipping-in to buy a tank?  There is a naming plate for sponsors.

Our Drought appeal in eighteen months raised $1.5m and so far we've distributed $1.4 in grants. Fodder & salt licks for livestock     Food for working dogs  Drinking water & food for families  Fuel to transport fodder   School fees  Medical bills & other household bills (electricity etc.)

100% of funds donated to your local Lions Club goes directly to those impacted

Lions have always been a part of emergency support within Australia. Whether its  providing help as members of the local bushfire brigade or SES, helping out as tradespeople in rebuilding , providing simple meals (you know Lions are famous for our Sausage Sizzles), clothing or just a friendly face and a chat.

We're raising dollars to help local communities recover.

Lions could be available to help out where needed. Please just ask us.