Lions District 201Q3

Queensland Australia

Lions Medical Research Foundation (LMRF)

Q3 Directors
Allan Turner – Chairman (Lions Club of Ashgrove The Gap)
Bob Goldsworthy – Deputy Chairman (Lions Club of Toowoomba Wilsonton)

The Queensland & Northern New South Wales Lions Medical Research Foundation is a not-for- profit organisation dedicated to the provision of funding for world class medical research that improves the standard of health for all Australians and people throughout the world. For information, visit

Lions Medical Research Foundation receives no Government funding, and funds are sourced by donations, bequests, investments, Awards, an Annual Appeal (Spring for Research) and special campaigns and programs. All money raised funds panel-approved early career medical scientists in their quest to build a team of medical researchers and develop cures and treatments across a broad range of medical studies.



The Foundation currently funds 3 researchers:-

Dr Tracey Bjorkman – researching hypoxic ischemia in premature and newborn babies
Dr Nadeeka Dissanayaka – researching anxiety and depression in Parkinson’s disease and Dementia patients.
Dr Carlos Salomon – researching early detection tools for ovarian cancer patients.
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Lions Medical Research Foundation also has a commitment to the SPARQ-ed (Students Performing AdvancedResearch Queensland) program which is a unique educational facility founded as a partnership between the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute and the Department of Education and training located with the Translational Research Institute (TRI) in Brisbane. Students from around Queensland are offered opportunities to participate in week-long programs that allow them to conduct an experimental project in conjunction with one of TRI’s world renowned biomedical research groups. To encourage participation across Queensland, Lions Medical Research Foundation, offers scholarships to students from regional and remote Queensland designed to assist in costs associated with travel and accommodation. All students who receive a scholarship agree to share their experience with their local Lions Club.
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LMRF currently offers the following awards: -

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Queensland & Northern New South Wales Lions Medical Research Foundation
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