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Spinal Cord Research

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Lions Australia Spinal Cord Fellowship

​This Lions Foundation has set a fundraising target for the current Lions year of $150,000.  Please see the Research page for further information.  Now if every club in Australia donated just $200, how easy would our target be? Why not hold a special fundraising event just for LASCF. Consider a BBQ, Boot Sale, Fun Run, disabled theme sporting event or any other event that excites your imagination.

What about metal recycling ? We have an arrangement with Sims Metal Management - locations.  Take your ring-pulls, cans or any old metal to your local Sims Metal Management depot and quote (Queensland) LION 04   and your donation goes directly to LASCF:

 Back in 2012, the worldwide search to find a cure for spinal cord injury moved a little quicker following the handover of $150,000 by Lions International President Wing-Kun Tam. Presenting a cheque to researchers at Melbourne's St Vincent's Hospital, President Tam said he was proud Lions could make such a significant contribution. "The opportunity to make this donation is the opportunity to create miracles," he said. "This research is beneficial to millions of people."  This donation has enabled St Vincent's to purchase a state-of-the-art digital virtual microscope. The microscope dramatically reduce the time researchers spend analysing slides.

see left photo-  International President Tam with Dr Kathy Triainedes & Dr Stephen Livesey in a laboratory at St Vincent's.

The purpose of our Fellowship is to support StepAhead Australia in funding Australian scientists or clinicians. These dedicated people study the latest techniques for the repair of spinal cord injury, both in Australia and the USA. The intent being that this knowledge and experience gained will be made available to the Australian public.Lions funding will subsidise salaries and expenses including appropriate equipment deemed necessary to assist our Fellowship holders.

Lions Partnership with StepAhead

In 1999 the President of what is now StepAhead Australia (Dr George Owen), spoke at a local Lions Club meeting looking merely for financial   support for his organisation.

He spoke of the disturbing statistics that put 1 Australian a day into a wheelchair suffering from either paraplegia or quadraplegia.

Most of these unfortunate people are young and suffer their injuries from swimming hole accidents, sporting injuries and car crashes.

Their injuries currently confine them to a life of pain and constant dependence on others to allow them to enjoy the basics of life ... in most Third World countries this type of injury usually results in death.

Lions were so impressed by the goals of StepAhead - "to get the paralysed to walk again" - that they took on the task of financially supporting the organisation. Currently the "Spinal Cord Fellowship" is a Category B project of Lions Australia.

StepAhead has entered into a partnership with the University of Melbourne and Melbourne's St. Vincent's Hospital to set up a dedicated spinal cord research laboratory.

Lions Spinal Cord Fellowship supports the research being conducted by StepAhead Australia aimed at finding a cure for chronic spinal cord injury.

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Win Tyquin Award

Every donation of $500 or more qualifies a Lions Club for a Win Tyquin Award. A donation of $1,000 entitles the club to 2 awards, and so on.

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