Lions District 201Q3

Queensland Australia

Lions Youth of the Year (YOTY)

Updated  19/10/2020

Basics     This is a prestigious event for young people allover Australia. Many now high profile Australians are among the ranks of our former entrants. These include  our past  Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, past Premier of Qld  Peter Beattie, ABC’s Sabra Lane and Qld Senator Simon Birmingham.

Commenced in 1964  this program in 2021 is now in its  57 th year.

Participants have an unequalled opportunity to refine interview skills, in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere. Also practise and refine your public speaking skills and network with like minded students from other campuses.

Prelimenary is the student interviews usually held a week or two before the first (club) round.

During each round students will deliver a five minute prepared speech and are given two impromptu questions to answer.

Eligibility   2021                         person aged  between 15 - 19  @ 30th June 2021

Students how to enter    contact your local Lions Club (201Q3)







District Q 3

Narelle Gluer 0402 140 709 4698 1899

State (Qld)  20-23

Rob Craig 0438 500 666 4696 8687


Rounds in 2021 last day for judging venue


Sunday 28 February -


Sunday 7 March tba


Saturday  20 March tba


Saturday 27 March Pittsworth


weekend   16-17 April Brisbane


Monday   10  May MD convention Canberra
letter to Lions Clubs   from YOYT District Q 3 Chair - Roley McAtee
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